Must Visit Place during Monsoon in Maharastra – “The Malshej Ghat”

Must Visit Place during Monsoon in Maharastra – “The Malshej Ghat”

Ride done on 02nd August 2020…

“The Malshej Ghat”

Route – Airoli (Navi Mumbai )- Thane – Kalyan – chhatrapati shivaji maharaj chowk – Murbad- Malshej Ghat

So here is our 2nd ride as soon as everything is back on place and all bikers are back on there 2 wheels after Lockdown, As usual we decided to go for ride at last moment because one of our friend who was supposed to join us for igatpuri ride was not able to join us for last ride since he had to change his tyres for his “KTM Duke 390”. So long  story short he called us and he said that he wants to go riding this weekend “Make it Happen” obviously saying “NO” for riding is a brutal sin for we bikers so we said yes and this is how our last moment ride was decided to some beautiful twisties towards mountains and towards the must visit place during monsoon in Maharastra and that is “The Malshej Ghat”.

We had no idea if we all will be allowed at Malshej ghat or not but we thought to take a chance because Lockdown was all over and according to guidelines you can travel inter state. (but we had a surprise waiting for us at Malshej ghat- Read on…)

It was Sunday 2nd August 2020 the day we decided to ride at last moment and we already had our Sunday planned on Saturday – Like we had to be at Wroom Store since Sunday is a very busy day for us at store, we had a bike delivery of our friend so by anyhow we had to be there for the celebration, and now we had a ride too. But again everything can be managed if you plan your day well and if you have that passion burning for motorcycling.

We all planned to leave early in morning by 4.30 and hence we decided to wake up at 3.30 so that we can come home early and be at store on time and later be also the part of the friends bike delivery.

Damn this excitement before every ride truly gives you sleep less nights. We charged all our gadgets (Camera, Gopro , Bluetooth, Drone, Power bank) and thought to sleep early since we planned to wake up early and leave early. Well sleeping early before the ride day is ? but still we tried to be on bed by 12:30 a.m. setting the alarm for 3.30 a.m. and strictly adhering to the timelines and leaving home by 4.30

Phewwww… All night it was left then right then straight and then again left, right …..somehow we were waiting for alarm to buzz and wake us up where we were already awake :p

We woke up at 3.30 and had mug full of green tea to act as stimulant and wake us completely up and activate our neuro system. It never happened that on ride day we feel lethargic or bored or sleepy we were quickly all fresh and all ready to feel some fresh cool air and get those chicken strips kiss the road.

We were 4 of us for this ride a short description about all of us –

Sachin – You all know him

Kiran – Muje kaun nahe janata (Who doesnt know me??)

Aditya Belose – Our very old friend since 2015. The common thing between all of us was once upon a time we all owned Mahindra Mojo?


We all decided to get something for the breakfast obviously because we were avoiding to eat outside food so I decided to make some our all time favourite “Pohe”, Aditya decided to get bread with choco spread, Sachin decided to get us all on this ride and eat?

By 4.30 we left the house and reached the Kalyan shill phata by 5.15 where we were supposed to meet Aditya since he reside in Dombivali

We met Aditya when it was all dark and we were so awaiting to see the beautiful morning while riding on Ghats of Malshej. Adi was like “Kiran i got the chocolate spread but i could not find the bread” ? Now at 5.30 in the morning our next task was to find some shop open and get the breads. Boys never do anything as said ever.

Somehow we found a tiny shop open and luckily we also got the breads though we anticipated to get the brown breads but we were also happy to get the white one at that moment. Now the real ride begins where we just had to enjoy the beauty and watch the brightness take over the darkness. We took just one stop to refill the petrols and from there on it was all about riding and feeling the weather, though it wasnt raining or drizzling but the weather was tooooo beautiful and there was a distinct feel of chilliness in the air.

The sun started to rise and the beautiful orangish shades in the sky was sooooooo beautiful that we were forced to ride slow and watch the orange sky taking away the darkness and spreading the orange lights it was mesmerising, Sunsets and Sun rise is 2 thing which make us believe in positive energies around us. It makes us feel that God is here watching us laugh, play and he feels good when he sees us happy and joyful and enjoying life.

We were enjoying the twisty snaky roads when suddenly we saw a nakabandi and someone yelled on us “Thamba” (“Stop”). We all stopped to understand that weather we are allowed to go ahead or do we have to return back to our homes.

There was only one police man at that moment who asked us to go back to the base and then is when our real indianness started. we began to request, beg and what not just to convince him to go at the top and return quickly. Also because we woke up at 3.30 just to be at the top of the mountain and enjoy the view.

25 minutes later he allowed us to go only on one condition to return as soon as possible. I also noticed that when we stopped there were this couple of cars whom the policeman tried to stopped but they didn’t stopped at all and just left in full speed. Later we thought that even we shouldn’t have stopped but because we did not wanted any problem going ahead until we reach Malshej Ghat hence we stopped, requested and convinced him and than proceeded with our ride, after all even he was on his duty and he was only the following the orders which he might have received from his seniors.

We rode up till the top of Malshej ghat where the main point is where you can see the beautiful valley and also fly the drone to get some beautiful Aerial shots for our viewers to give them a deeper understanding of what is happening below, both literally and metaphorically. Also thanks to rain god we had clear and beautiful weather with no fog at all. If you want to see the aerial shots we have captured it in below video – 

We had our breakfast sitting at the top and most beautiful point of Malshej Ghat. The saddest part was the boiled eggs which turned into Raita ? because of bike jumping on lots of Speed breakers and Potholes, Pohe was too dry to swallow, like obviously pohe tastes well when its served hot. The best was Bread and chocolate spread and the hot delicious black coffee which we had alongwith the lovely view just in front of us. 

We all had a mini picnic and a very good time together. The best part riding with friends are they lighten up the moment and they talk about all the possible senseless talks which you can laugh on without thinking much and without even using or understanding sometimes ?

We all quickly got some beautiful pictures and videos and lovely aerial shots and left the place with good memories. We started riding back to our base when we came across the waterfall and the best and also the sad part of ride happened here..
(Read on ….)

We all stoped to take some pictures with the lovely backdrop when i said that i want to get drenched in water and since its a flowing water we all will be safe and corona wont hit us. We all kept our bike at safe place and removed our riding pant, riding boots, jackets, gloves, helmets and jumped inside the water. We played like kids inside the water like kids for almost 45 minutes when we finally realised that its time to head back and sadly the party time is over and Now its time to work and be at store.

Sometime you should just go with the flow, initially we were thinking that is it good to remove all the gears and jump inside the water but than later we just did it we just enjoyed that moment without regretting it later that “we could have lived that moment”. Its ok to make mistakes, you will learn something out of it, it will become your experience and who knows if it doesn’t turn out to be a mistake you can become a good example for someone else 🙂

We left the place with heavy heart and as we were gearing up the cops came running towards us and shouting on us about why are we standing and clicking pictures here and why did we come there at all. We quickly geared up and left the place in no time.

We rode non stop without even water break uptil Kalyan where we bid adieu to Aditya and resumed our ride. Ofcourse we laughed on the incident that happened with cops and the way he was shouting on us but no hard feeling he was just doing his duty 🙂

We came at Store directly from the ride since it was Sunday and we expected the rush of bikers at that time. We worked for almost 3-4 hours at store without even realising that our lunch was skipped. We came back home all tired and drained, yet excited because it was the most awaited day for our friends “Dr Dipa and Dr hemant” who had the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 BS6 delivery scheduled at evening. We quickly took a warm water bath, got ready and dressed up for the evening.

The happiness that you see on biker face when they are about to get the beast home is priceless. No matter how tired we was we decided that we will be and we had to be part of this just to see that happiness on their faces.

Overall it was busy, tiring and veryyyyyyy eventful day for all of us, we literally did every thing that day we worked, we rode, for our passion, we were part of our friends happiness.. Sometimes you guys ask that how can you be so dedicated towards your passion and from where do you get all the energies from? I just have one answer to this – Passion gives us energy:-)Its the passion for which we live for, work for 🙂

Hope to ride some long distance very soon! Thank you for reading! See you in next blog… Stay Safe #KeepWrooming!


Please find the pictures of fun we had in Malshej Ghat –

Friends are always there photo bomb your good pictures. By the way he is Aditya

Finally !

Water fall which we found across the road while riding back to home and without wasting any time we jumped inside the water
Lots of mastiiiiiii !!!
Aditya 🙂
vstrom 650 – Into the Wild 🙂

My baby My Poser!


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