Wah Taj and Mesmerizing Nainital – 3800 kms, 10 days, 6 states

Wah Taj and Mesmerizing Nainital – 3800 kms, 10 days, 6 states

Blog from 2016…..

Ride Dates: 1 January 2016 to 10th January 2016

Hello Travellers,

After our(Me and Wife’s) maiden ride to Leh in June 2015, this was the recent ride of us to Agra and Nainital, covering 3800 kms in 10 days, and riding through through 6 states(MH-MP-UP-UK-RJ-GJ).

Our initial plan was to just ride through NH3 till Agra see Tajmahal and return via NH8 in 5 to 6 days, and dates were finalised from 1st to 6th January 2016, and i started drafting our route planning by taking help of friends on FB list and the bigger community HVK FB forum.

And the twist in the story came around 20th December 2015 and Kiran(Wife) said to me why not take two more days of leave which 7,8th January and see Nainital also, and leaves got approved and completed the route planning.

Ride Dates: 1 January 2016 to 10th January 2016

Day1 : Airoli (Mumbai) – Nashik – Dhule – Indore (567 KMs)
Day2: Indore – Bhopal – Sanchi – Vidisha – Kurwai – Bina – Malthone – Lalitpur – Jhansi (554approx. kms)
Day3 : Jhansi – Gwalior – Agra (Approx 223 kms)
Day4 : Agra – Yamuna Express Highway – Gr. Noida – Gaziabad – Hapur – Moradabad – Rampur – Rudrapur – Haldwani – Nanital (Approx 450 kms)
Day5 : Rest in Nainital
Day6 : Nainital – Rampur – Moradabad – Hapur – Gr Noida – YEH – Mathura/Vrindavan (500)
Day7 : Mathura – Bharatpur – Dausa – Jaipur (235KMs)
Day8 : Jaipur – NH8 – Udaipur (400 KMs)
Day9 : Udaiupur (Rest/Buffer day)
Day10 : Udaipur – Modasa – Godhra – Vadodara – Surat – Airoli (750 Kms)

Please check out some pics,

Beautiful NH3
Sanchi Stupa
Kiran posing at Red Fort, Agra

Kiran flying high with our beloved machines

Nani Lake top view

And Presenting the Rider and Riderni in Completely different avatar..:P



A very brief introduction about the riders mentioned below:

Sachin Desai – that’s me and I was riding the brand new Mahindra Mojo for this ride and I have rode to Rajasthan and Leh, Ladakh in June 15 with Electra 350.

Kiran(wifey) – Riding her beloved -Saffy (Bajaj Avenger 220), she have been riding pillion with me till Rajasthan ride until she got bored as a Pillion rider and got herself Bajaj Avenger and rode with me to the every riders dream destination Leh, Ladakh(This story, she will cover in an another thread).

Coming back to this ride, all the required planning was done related to routes and road conditions, halts, places to visits and things to buy,
Some of the new riding gears were purchased, we always love to shop riding gears or anything related to bikes and the list goes like this, For Kiran – SOL Unicorn helmet and Spartan Perseus knee guards and for me MT blade helmet, Spartan Ares full gauntlet gloves, Spartan Odysseus touring pants, and we were all set to hit the road.

DAY 1 , 1 Jan 2016, Mumbai To Indore

Route : Mumbai  – Nashik – Dhule – Indore (567 KMs)
Road conditions: Mumbai to Nashik, lots of truck traffic and speed breakers, roads were good though,
Nashik to Dhule  –  Speed breakers and diversions, roads were good.
Dhule to Indore –  Excellent 4 lane roads

No matter how many long or short rides you do, there’s always an excitement/anxiety for every ride and no matter you plan to sleep by 11 pm in the night it never happens, we were done with our dinner and packing saddle bags and tank bag and kept all the things in the living area and went for sleep while everyone was busy partying whole night, as we couldn’t sleep early we woke up late, hence ride started little late and it was slow till Nashik as trucks gave us hard time to speed up, we had Pohe, Omlet, and some Veg pakodas somewhere after Nashik, we love to eat, and eat a lot.

The ride continued at moderate speeds till Dhule as there were lots of diversions and speed breakers which were very painful, but after Dhule we picked up good speeds as we were welcomed by 4 lane roads without diversions and hardly any speed breakers, we rode for almost 4 to 5 hours with water breaks and photo breaks and thought of skipping lunch as we might get late and did not wanted to ride in dark, and we were 80 kms away from Indore and it was 5 pm and We could not control our hunger but couldnt find good restaurant, hence pulled just besides roadside dhaba and had the best lunch of our life Bhindi and Tawa roti with lots of onion for only 110 INR.

After sumptuous lunch we continued and reached Indore by 7 pm and found good Hotel for 1200 INR, unloaded the luggage, had a chat with hotel owner answered his questions like where you are going? From where you are coming? Why you both are riding different bikes? and lot many, I answered them with patience and after taking bath we went to see Rajwada and Sarafa Bazaar for some lip smacking Chat items, Rajwada was average but we had a blast in Sarafa bazaar eating all junk items, after eating there we returned to our Hotel and called it a day. We ate till our stomach gave up

Day two was scary and eventful, stay tuned for it.

All Set for Ride
Our favourite vegetable (Bhindi)
Ate till stomach gave up..



DAY 2, 2 Jan 2016, Indore to Jhansi (554 kms)

Route taken : Indore – Bhopal -Sanchi -Vidisha -Kurwai -Bina -Malthone -Lalitpur -Jhansi
Road conditions : Indore to Bhopal – Awesome six/Four lane roads,
Bhopal, Sanchi, Vidisha – Two lane roads with some potholes
Vidisha to Malthone – Two lane roads, with absolute good tarmac.
Malthone to Jhansi –  Runway like 6 lane roads

After much needed rest on the first day of the calendar, we tried to woke up by 5 am, but those 5 mins which we always say to us when grown ups or to moms when we were kids turned into 30 mins and day2 started by 6.30 am, had some pohe at the hotel itself and left by taking good wishes from hotel owner and cook(Kind people everywhere), and immediately we were on the nice 6 laned highway, feeling fresh and cold air onto us, todays target was quick visit to Sanchi Stupa enroute and reach Jhansi before dark and we continued towards Dewas, refueled and the super awesome roads were there till Bhopal, after Bhopal roads started deteriorating and suddenly 6 lane road became two lane, and we dodged multiple potholes and speed breakers, and the difficulty level were doubled as local biker and cars come on the roads suddenly without any indicators not even hand signals and they dont even realise their mistakes, by noon we reached Sanchi Stupa, bought tickets and rode our bike till the gate, and here we saw huge stupas and oldest stone structure in India, which was originally commissioned by the emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE, this reminded us of shanti stupa of Leh City.

We saw some Ladakhi people and greeted them with Julley and trust me if you say a hello to a person in their language on the place where they least expect it, their faces lit up with Huge smiles, we sat on the bench in front of beautiful stupa did some photo session, had some biscuits and bananas and left, till Vidisha the roads were average, after crossing Vidisha we saw some nice landscapes and roads became much better too and we could cover the distance with three digit speeds, again we decided to delay the lunch in order to cover the distance and somewhere between Bina and Malthone we stopped by some local dhaba and had a good meal(always tell the cook to prepare a meal with less chilly on these local dhabas, else your stomach goes for toss )

We continued our ride through small villages of Madhya Pradesh and after Malthone we took a left turn to be on NH26 and trust me it is one of the finest 6 lane in the country, but the scariest part on this road till Agra is people drive on wrong side, you will say, so what, it happens in every city and every state of the county, but on this particular road people drive their Trucks, tempos, tractor and even bikes on Wrong Direction! on Fast lane of your directions, as if they are driving on foreign countries with Left hand Drive vehicles, and the worst thing about some is that they dont even switch on their headlights and you wont understand until you are 15 to 20 meters closer to them 🙁

Things were becoming scary as sun was going down and visibility was getting lower and fog has started appearing, and we were thinking whether to ride in the dark with such scenarios where chances of getting banged from rear and front are high, we quickly had a tea just besides a Petrol pump and refuelled bikes and us both and decided that we will ride at a moderate speeds on middle lane so that if anyone comes from first lane on opposite direction we can dodge them, we were going with 80 ish speeds and suddenly one Honda City overtook us from left and disappeared in no time, we continued with slow and steadily and suddenly saw road with full of people and two three cars parked on the sides, we slowed down and just gave a look and for our shock the same Honda City met with an accident with one tractor from opposite direction, both the Airbags were deployed in it, fortunately nothing happened to the lucky driver, and he was checking his nose must have banged on the Airbags and was checking whether he is bleeding from nose or not, we did not stopped and continued for about 50 odd kms and, we were still 90 kms from Jhansi and took a quick water break, ate some chocolates and put Thermal liners inside our jackets for cold, restarted our journey by repeatedly taking all the gods name we know, it gives so much positivity and courage in such situations, and finally reached Jhansi city, removed some cash from and found hotel near railway station for 1100 INR, had dinner thanked Gods, called our parents, told them our whereabouts and collapsed.

Tomorrow is going to be super exciting day as we will reach Agra to see one of the charismatic architectural monument -The Taj Mahal and to see it we have to ride through one of the dangerous places of India (Chambal Ghati)


Somewhere near Sirohi
Sanchi Stupa


Day3, 3 Jan 2016, Jhansi – Agra

Route taken : Jhansi – Gwalior – Agra (242 kms)
Road conditions : First 50 kms were had Potholes and lots of diversion, rest all was fine till Agra with occasional villages in between.

Well well well, finally the day has arrived for which the entire ride has been planned, and we desperately wanted to see the Symbol of Love, no matter whats the real story behind Taj Mahal, whether it was a Shiva temple or the story which everyone knows and is there on Wikipedia also, whether Tajmahal still looks the same as it used to be or not, but after seeing it once one can not feel satisfied and again you want to see it, the aura is so huge it pulls you towards it.

With all the excitement we started little late as it was just 250 odd kms to cover and before that we wanted to see “Jhansi Fort” where brave Rani fought and made history, we visited the fort early in the morning and there were no tourist at all, only local people who came there for morning walk and exercise, we quickly visited the fort clicked some pics and discussed how she (Rani) would have fought?, how brave the lady must have been?, in this huge Fort, how she would have lived? And etc. and after seeing beautiful sunrise from the fort we came down to our bikes, and started gearing up and while doing that Kiran realized that she left/forgot her scarf in the fort, and she told me ill go and get it, but after 10 mins she didn’t showed up, I tried calling her she didn’t picked her phone then after almost 20 mins I decided to go up and search for my better half and her scarf, I went up but she was not there, I shouted crazily, I was scared to hell that where is Kiran, and after 10 mins she came from some other direction where we never went, and I was like where the hell were you , and conversation was like :

Me: I called you, I shouted your name and what not huhhhh(tired and releifed)
Kiran: that guy misguided me(got angry till her face became like hot balloon)
Me: Chalo …“lets go, we are getting late”
Kiran: No, I am not coming, you go (Baloon about to get burst)
Me: Ok, I am going, its enough for me(I didn’t knew whether I was angry or scared), I rode the bike till the spot where she could not see me, and revved the bike for sometime, then I get off from the bike and walked up to her and said, chalna ha ya nahi..
Kiran: Nahi, muje kidhar bhi nahi jaana ha, idhar hi baithungi, kya kar lega(No, I am not coming, I am sitting here only, do whatever you want to do) intentionally written in hindi as I am still laughing, remembering what she said.
Me: sad and frustrated, and thinking it would have been better if I would have came up and searched the scarf.
Then twist in the story comes and one elderly gentleman came for my rescue and asked what happed kids, I explained him the situation and he consoled Kiran and me and said do not fight, these kind of situations comes in life, move on and don’t waste your time arguing, then we both smiled and left from there, and the old guy was going for Morning download, he did mentioned that and told us, I saw you both fighting and thought to see the matter, these little fights are cute and enhances everyone’s relationships.

Began the ride and in no time we were on the highway, rode for about 30 odd kms and took a breakfast halt, as we were scared for this particular patch between Gwalior – Agra, as we heard multiple negatives about it like not safe to ride, Dacoit fear is there, so we had some delicious Alu and Paneer Paratha and hot tea in the freezing cold, enquired about all the negatives to the Dhaba guys and they said, nothing is there, (arey, Kaaheka ka Daaku waaku, sab jamana chala gaya ha, aur wo log aap jaiso ko loot ke kya milega), we were happy to listen to that.

From Jhansi till first 50 odd kms roads are in bad condition with lots of diversions, and when we saw super awesome Gwalior- Agra road which was in pristine condition, we took a small water break and then took off on a super sexy roads like flying jets and covered the distance, refueled before Agra so that on fourth day while going towards Nainital we don’t have to halt early morning for refueling, reached Agra found good Hotel.

And here comes the tricky part,the day for which we have been waiting so eagely and carried Sherwani and Saree to be wore while visiting Taj Mahal(We are stupid), and we were still thinking whether we should wear or not, after bath had quick lunch, we were ready and came out in no time, and the hotel guys were stunned to see us, one guy couldn’t resist asking us, sir shaadi ka kapda?(sir wedding clothes?)

I said, ek friend ki shadi me jaana ha..:P,(one of my friend stays here and going for his wedding) had to give an excuse, didnt wanted to let him know that we are crazy, we then rushed by Kiran’s Saffy as we wanted to avoid questions related to Mojo from random people, reached east gate of Taj and finding parking was a task, parked near small shop, shop guy started asking questions like from where you have come?, did you rode all the way from Mumbai and all we said once we will come back we will have chat, and left with auto who took 50 rupees for a kms ride, but it was fine as he arranged our tickets and Photographer too 😛

It was Sunday evening and we entered through east gate and saw see of people, but once we saw Taj, all the people vanished and our eyes locked on to the Taj and hands too got locked automatically, then photographer took lots of snaps with his and our camera and left us, and we saw Taj Mahal till it was Dark, so many people were checking us out, foreigner’s were happy to see us, they must have thought these guys are just married , Desi people looked confused and looked at us like we were aliens, and there were some people who complimented us saying best couple of the evening and all, we had the best time, people checking us out and we checking Taj thoroughly.

Left the Taj promising ourselfs “we will be back” for sunrise shots sometimes in future, went to the photographer, he clicked some 60 pics, and trying to sell all to us, we are Mumbaikars and we know how to tackle these situations, left there by taking 10 photos from him, after all he worked hard for his money, reached to the shop and had a quick chat with shop guy where Kiran’s Saffy was parked, he was shocked to hear our story and while leaving I told him, this is not my bike, my wife rode this and I rode some other bike and his Jaw literally dropped..

Had a chicken tandoori and biryani from street side shop and it was deliciously yummy, we just love street food, I guess we were born for streets :P, eat on street, ride on streets, sleep on streets :P, after heavy dinner left the street thing and rode for almost 10 kms to our hotel in freezing cold, cold was so much that we had to stop for some time and asked for direction to the guy selling Jaggery(Gud, ganne wala:P), and told him we are feeling so much cold, he said, “have some Jaggery you will feel good”, we had some and left while giving a smile to his face, reached the hotel, where they had a good parking for bikes also, one of the hotel guys wanted to ride my Airavat(Mojo), somehow I gave him the keys, he started the bike and took it inside and that’s it, I was relieved, parked both the bikes and called it a fantastic day.

Day 4 was going to be challenging and again exciting as we were going to ride on one of the finest express highway of the country YEH.

Throughout MP and UP you will see these beautiful Mustard fields
You have to admit north india is awesome for food lovers
Meri Rani Jhansi mein (Sorry for the phone click)
Our crowns also admiring the fort
Clicked hell lot of pictures..Only motorcycle will give you freedom to do something like this



DAY 4, 4 Jan 2016, Agra to Nainital

Route taken : Agra – Yamuna Express Highway – Gr. Noida – Gaziabad – Hapur(Pronounced as Hapud) – Moradabad – Rampur – Rudrapur – Haldwani – Nanital (470 kms)
Road conditions : Agra/YEH/Gr Noida – one of my new favorite roads in country,
GrNoida/Hapur – four lane roads with moderate traffic with crazy drivers/riders
Hapur/Rampur – Excellent 6 lane road
Rampur/Rudrapur – Bad to worst road, lots of potholes
Initial plan was to ride through Bareilly, but we changed the plan in order to not getting tired on bad roads and decided to ride through YEH, we woke up little late as our bodies were little tired as we had ridden 1400 kms in three days without much rest, you can always push your bodies, “You are the boss of your bodybut you are the only employee too”, so never push hard, you can always see new places, in the process you can miss some places toowe quickly had some biscuits, Almonds and green tea (we love green tea, we did carried tea bags, all you need is hot water to prepare it), and then cleaned/ lubed the chains, put all the luggage on the bikes, and Day 4 has started around 7am in the morning in an anticipation of reaching Nainital, it took some time for us to hit the much awaited road THE YAMUNA EXPRESS HIGHWAY due to some traffic and under construction roads within Agra city, before that we quickly clicked some photos near Red Fort of Agra and proceeded towards YEH.
The visibility was low wind was blowing fast and we had all our warm clothes and thermal liners on us but still it was bone chilling cold and we were welcomed by YEH, and took a halt for photo break, admired the roads construction and appreciated ourselves too for riding this far, self-motivation and appreciation is very important, even though roads are 95% concrete, it has horizontal lines on it for traction, so it doesn’t shines like other concrete roads but it did shined on our hearts.

Soon we reached to the food mall besides YEH after paying 175 INR for the toll which was totally worth it, had Veg roll for me Pizza for Kiran, pizza was too good took extra piece from Kiran and I pissed her off, She made me buy another Pizza , had coconut water too after that and burrrpp.

Back to YEH, we were doing good speeds above legal limits too (don’t tell anyone :P), but I still wonder the red coloured patches on the road, looks like blood from past day’s accidents, not sure we were just guessing, since it was Monday we did not encountered much hooligans and by noon we were in Greater Noida of course we had one more halt for photo sessions and saw Buddh International Circuit(seeing it and thinking someday I will ride here too :P, Daydreaming)

Gr.Noida to Gaziabad till Hapur we felt like riding in Mumbai, lots of traffic and lots of honking, managed to reach Hapur by 14.00 refuelled and continued to ride, landscape started changing and post Hapur traffic was almost not there and four lane became six and we munched miles quickly, could not find good eating joints, but sometimes you get good meal at the least expected place, the places was little shabby but had one of the softest tandoori roti and egg curry, I was getting temped to see the mutton/chicken biryani, but gave it a passL as we had to rush and time was running out coz post Haldwani roads were not going to be easy as we will be near mountains.

Post Rampur, roads started getting bad to worse, lots of potholes and oncoming traffic made it even more difficult to ride, lot of potholes were too huge that we were literally jumped on our bikes, Kiran had a tougher time than me as she couldn’t stand on the foot pegs due to foot pegs are forward set, where as I was having a little better time, Even Airavat (Mojo) was feeling fine on those roads and plush suspension of if took all the jerks without any issue.

Sun god disappeared quickly and we took a small hydration break, and continued to ride for some more time in the Dusky lighting, but this light is very confusing, you are always confused whether to ride slow or fast, so we again took one more break so that we can put thermal liners inside our riding jackets, had a tea also where some monkeys came and took some things from the Tapri it made us laugh and they were shocked to see Monkey in the evening as they don’t see it by evening, left from there enquiring about the roads conditions ahead, and they told potholed roads would be there for some 6 odd kms and then till Nainital roads are good, and they really were, but lots of traffic in between.

“Haldwani” felt like good place with lots of shopping Malls, Pizza hut, Dominos and all, but we couldn’t wait as we had to reach Nainital, our initial plan was to try and reach Almora but that was not possible as it was getting darker and colder and did not wanted to ride till we give up and crashed for the night at unwanted place as we were going to stay for two nights, so wanted to have good place, it was about 7.30 pm and we hit the mountains and it was damn chilled, then dangerous twisty roads started coming and we were around 20 odd kms from Nainital, we could have managed to reach up top but decided to find a hotel, and found good one with heater facility and awesome interiors, had some fantastic meal and called it a day.

Next day was going to be leisure day as it will be the only rest day and riders will become tourists.
Ek pose toh banta ha with our stay and bikes
Kiran is the poser among both of us which is obvious..

Saffy and her rider, thinking too deep i guess
Kiran always disturb Kids, and this time she took school going boy’s two wheels
No no, i am completely happy with my Airavat, i was trying to dance
buddh International Circuit
Live to Ride!Food for Ride!
Chicken Platter, want some?
Day5, 5 Jan 2016, Rest/Leisure day

Route taken: Nainital-Bhimtal-Nainital(60 odd kms)The day has arrived where we don’t have to pack our saddle bags and tie it on the bikes and head out, and the much needed rest/break after 4 days of riding through 4 states and more than 1800 kms, we partied hard the last day and of course the alarm was not set and woke up at 10 am, and still wanted to sleep but somehow managed to get out of bed, had an awesome breakfast in the hotel itself clicked some pics, and left for BhimTal (Bhim Lake), Tal means lake, bhimtal was good, less crowd huge lake,
Left from Bhimtal towards Naini lake, the most awaited mango shaped lake which we always saw in pictures, we took some other road, and found out after riding for 20 odd kms that we are heading in some other directions, but who cares as long as you are on bike and and having fun on Mountains, today we gave Saffy a break and went out with Airavat ofcourse for a Romantic ride..:P
Soon we reached Naini lake parked the bike near police chowki(safest place), though it was nothing to be feared as people who stays near mountains are the most happy and satisfied people I have ever met, be it Uttarakhand or Leh, clicked ourselves near lake, sat down and enjoyed for sometimes until Guides and boat guys started annoying us for tours and etc, we did booked one cab for local site seeing, which I think was waste of money but did it because one of our friend suggested us to do that, after wonderful lunch went for boat ride, the guy was so down to earth and happy with his work and told us so many things about the place such as, various movies have been shot in Nainital, there are Temples, Masjids, Gurudwara’s and Churches in Nainital, all people here live in peace which ideally should be the case everywhere in our country.
After visiting Himalayan View Point, Cave, Lovers/Suicide point (would not recommend to anyone), Naini lake point from mountains(The place from where Naini Lake looks like mango shaped), we told our cab guy to take us to the Sunset point and watched the sun setting having coffee together, not speaking much, sometimes silence is the best way to talk to each other.
Cab guy dropped us at the Mall road and we roamed there for some time had some hot chocolate sitting beside lake, then had some Jilebis from some a shop with interesting interiors, the cold was getting more wilder as time passes by and we left from Naini Lake towards our Hotel had dinner in between as it was so much of cold and we did not carried much warm clothes, reached hotel, started heater and started snoring within a minute.
Day 6 was going to be kind of starting return journey but through different route, and first minor breakdown while going towards Mathura.
Happy faces knowing that today is the rest day.
Himalayan View Point
When you get lost you get to see some nice places too

Naini Lake

Love you for a Thousand years.
Breakfast like a King, we ate it like begger..

Market at Mall Road and chilling by the lake

Day 6, Jan 6 2016, Nainital to Mathura/Vrindavan

Route Taken: Nainital – Rampur – Moradabad – Hapur – Gr Noida – YEH – Mathura/Vrindavan (500kms)
Road Conditions : Refer Day4 in reverseAfter having a day like tourists it was again time to get back to traveler mode, and Kiran was not feeling good the previous day, reason was she did not rode her Saffy that day After having a nice buffet breakfast in the hotel itself day 6 started little late than planned, and we encountered little traffic in Haldwani too, post Haldwani, country roads were scenic and faster too being two lane road until we reached Rudrapur, though we knew that roads between Rudrapur to Rampur would be broken and it we covered it in good time and we did cover it in good time.

By noon we were somewhere between Hapur and Gaziabad, and Saffy�s tube fuse gone for toss and Kiran could not honk nor headlights getting switched on, and I was leading and i was in full Rossi mode, so she had to catch me and after 10 odd kms she overtook me and stopped ahead of me and told me the same, I quickly changed the fuse and continued to ride till Greater Noida, took extra fuse from some bike’s spares shop in between, and before hitting YEH we wanted to have some lunch but we could not found some place hence stopped at a local Tapri where I saw some eggs, had omlet/ bread and proceeded 

We again got confused with roads towards YEH and after wasting 15 minutes we were back on track, it was around 16.00 and were 130 kms away from our Destination(Mathura), quickly refueled on the first petrol pump on the YEH, continued till dusk and took a halt for water and some chocolates, warm clothes and thermal liners were also attached to the jackets, thanks to the Rynox Optimus M tank bag, who gulps so many things without a single burp.

By 18.30 ish we reached Mathura, and in no time found good hotel between Mathura and Vrindavan, initial plan was to just halt in Mathura but one of our friend Sandeep Shukla insisted (multiple time he told me, he was also on his Ride to Uttarakhand), that we should visit at least one temple which is of completely Marble, and I thanked him several times for insisting us to go and visit the Prem Mandir yes, even I had a smile on a face, when I first heard the name of the Temple, we managed to reach the temple just in time in freezing cold, it was the best hypnotising piece of architecture and lord Krishna and Radha were looking beautiful inside the temple, the best part was the lighting, which kept changing in regular intervals which enhanced the beauty of the temple, bought decorated flute outside the temple, had dinner and spiritual day ended with saying “Radhe Radhe”.
Day 7 was difficult for us as Kiran was fasting for Margshirsh month thursday and it was going to be difficult for me too seeing Kiran fasting and riding..
Enroute Zila Gaziabad

Water break and chocolates on YEH, fog was too much
Mesmerizing Prem Mandir(Apologies for the Phone click, forgot to take DSLR here )

DAY 7, 7 Jan 2016, Mathura to Jaipur

Route taken : Mathura – Bharatpur – Dausa – Jaipur (240KMs)
Road conditions :Mathura to Bharatpur – Two lane country side roads which were average in condintion, one can ride no more than 90 KMPh speeds .
Bharatpur/Jaipur – Excellent four lane road, but it was foggy hence rode on moderate speeds, till sun God showed up.

After spiritual/romantic (We were in “Prem Mandir” ) evening we left for the Pink city, till now our planned itinerary was getting executed without any major issues/Breakdown touched wood again, we quickly came out of Mathura city and headed towards Bharatpur, the climate was breathtaking, rode for almost two hours on those two lane roads with almost no visibility and reached Bharatpur, from where four lane roads started but the Fogg was getting stronger and stronger and making it even difficult to ride further.

Rode for some more time and started searching for Tire/Puncture shop, where we could check the tire pressure, stopped at some garage but nothing was there, but we could manage to spot Char Pai(Bed made from Bamboos and ropes, kept on almost every road side Dhabas), and boom, we collapsed on it for some time as we were tired mentally riding in the fog for 3 hours, Kiran took a quick nap while I was chatting with local guy at the garage and clicking some pictures.

After some time, some locals gathered by looking at Mojo and then some more joined them, and the guy who was at the garage with whom I was having a casual chat also joined them and started talking among each other, kaha se aye ha?, kaha jarahe ha? Bike pe kyun jaate ha yeh log? I could listen all of this while resting at little far from the spot, and then I saw one guy who was checking my beloved Airavat by tapping his foot on tyres and Exhaust, I saw it and quickly went there and asked him why are you tapping my bike with your foot?

Local guy – I was just checking.
Me – is it the right way to check, this is how you check someone elses stuff.
Local guy – How much this bike is for?
Me – shocked, and replied, are you expecting an answer from me? First of all give respect to others stuff, and then ask questions.(Me boiling from inside)
Local guy – still puzzled, as if he has done nothing wrong.
Me -Gave him an example by which he can relate to, I asked him if you buy a house and I come there and start tapping your beloved house with my foot and then ask you how much you paid for this house?, would you like that?
Local guy – finally understood and said, you are right, and rest of the folks also gave him lecture.

By this time Kiran had a long nap and told me lets go and have a coffee/Tea, we found a Puncture Shop also did checked the pressure and had a Tea in Mud Pot (Kullhad tea) from nearby stall, it was amazing to have a hot tea in foggy and cold mornings just besides the road alongside your mean machines, left from there in an anticipation that Sun god will come for our rescue but it did not happened and we continued, we were tailing White Swift which was doing moderate speed around 70 to 80 ish, but we made sure we keep at least 10 to 15 meters distance from the Swift and within our self too, soon we got bored of it and overtook the Swift and went ahead, had some fruits which we bought last night for Kiran’s fast.

Something about Margashirsha Laxmi Puja:
Margashirsha Laxmi Puja is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi and is observed on Thursdays during Margashirsha Month (Nov – Dec or Dec-Jan ) in Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This Laxmi puja is performed to get Sukh, Shanti and Aishwarya  comfort, peace and prosperity.

I am always against the fasting concept (maybe I cant be hungry for more time), but I also gave company to Kiran by not eating Salty or proper meal (had only fruits), by noon Sun god appeared and made us cover the distance little faster.

Reached the Pink city by 15.00, felt like we were in Sakinaka 😛 lots of people driving/riding rashly, again wasted the time coordinating with each other(Bluetooth Communication devices were highly missed L), found the hotel, unloaded the bags, took some rest and left for Amber fort, saw Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal while returning, had early dinner around 20.00 and slept early as we were excited to ride towards one of our favorite cities in the country, The City of Lakes(Udaipur) .
First Pic stop Between Mathura and Bharatpur



We were unable to ride because of heavy fog hence we thought to take rest near dabba and wait until fog clears ups

I went inside the fields searching for some good clicks..
Suraj Bhagwan Prasanna hue..
Day 8, Jan 8 2016, Jaipur To Udaipur

Route Taken: Jaipur – NH8 – Udaipur (410 Kms)
Road Conditions: Excellent 4 to 2 lane road with minimal traffic.After an eventful evening in Jaipur, we woke up early in the morning to ride towards our one of the Favorite city in the country “City of lakes” and one of the cleanest cities besides having narrow lanes,We started our ride by 7 am and quickly we were on NH8 and took a halt at roadside Dhaba and had one of the worst Aloo Paratha (it was fried paratha), who fries Paratha, consoled ourselves somehow, and while leaving from the Dhaba one truck stopped at the Dhaba and for our surprised whole village was inside that truck
So many people were there in the truck and for at least 10 minutes all the people were getting out it, it was quite a view.

Continued our ride on Beatiful NH8, and this was one of the finest day for the ride, not much traffic all good tarmac with 4 lane road, occasionally 2 lane roads, people and drivers were also sane and I could achieve my personal top speed(Safely and it was just for some time and I was back to normal speed), by 1300 we were 50 kms away from Udaipur and we decided to break for Lunch and ordered one daal fry and jeera rice (did not wanted to take a chance again by ordering more items) and to our surprise it was the best lunch we ever had on roadside Dhabas, “Sometimes we get good! Sometimes we get bad!”, thats the life, my mother always tell me this, after having one daal and rice it wasn’t enough and we ordered some more and settled for total 3 jeera rice and two daal fry(We eat like beggars always).

By 1430 we reached Fateh Sagar lake (Udaipur) and after spending some time there checked into an Hotel which had rooftop restaurant overlooking Udaipur city and lake Pichola can also be seen from the rooftop, Cost for the stay there was only 1200 INR for two night, day 9 was a buffer day just in case of any breakdowns or issues but till now we were on track.

Took some rest, called our dear friend Shardul Tare (who have helped us planning our Leh route and lot many things) that we have reached Udaipur and as discussed among each other, booked one more room for him as well, Varsha (Sharduls wife) was so kind that she postponed her work for the ride from Gujrat to Udaipur and to meet us also and both came to Udaipur(Full story in 9th day).

Evenings plan was to relax and chill at Fateh Sagar lake, have some or rather so much street food and Kullhad coffee, did what we planned, Cofee was too good(Tip: Always tell the coffee maker to put less sugar, else you will feel like you are having sugar syrup :P), after having and sumptuous dinner called it a day.

Quick tour of Jaipur!(Amber fort, Hawa mahal and Jal mahal)
DAY 9, 9 Jan 2016, Udaipur(Leisure day)

Route taken: Hotel – Rope way – Lake Pichhola – Hotel 😛 The day had arrived which was supposed to be a buffer day, just in case of any issues with the bikes or with our health, maybe we have become good in planning or may be our bikes performed really well without any major issues, or perhaps we have matured enough to ride long distances , but we were glad that we did not had to ride on this day and just relax and meet friends and have a leisure day, knowing that the next day we had to ride for more than 750 kms, but who cares, we will be reaching our Home Sweet Home.I dont know, how many will agree to me but when I have to go to office I will never wake up on time but for rides I wake up before time, even though it was no ride day I woke up by 7.00 am and had a good breakfast(Scrambled egg, cornflakes with banana and hot coffee) and relaxing on the rooftop looking at the Udaipur city and lake, by the time I came back to the room, it was 10.00 am and Kiran was still snoring like a baby no surprise to me She also had breakfast and I again had some more, then waited for Shardul Tare and Varsha to arrive in Udaipur, once they arrived we had lunch together and left for Ropeway as Shardul and we wanted to see that place from quite some time, the spot where hindi movie Yeh Jawani hai Deewani was shot and sunset looked beautiful from that spot, but unfortunately we were late to the party and it was no point going by ropeway above as it would have been very late and we could have missed the sunset, then we decided to go to City palace from where the sunset looked equally beautiful, and spent some good time, after drenching in the natures beauty it was time to feed our always hungry stomach and had a blast in nearby hotel, which also has a Rooftop restaurant and they keep hookah also..:P, after the party we went early to the beds as we were going for a long home run.
The sunset, though we couldn’t capture it in time.

Flying Kiran again


DAY 10, 10 Jan 2016, Udaipur to Mumbai(RJ-GJ-MH)

Route taken: Udaipur- Modasa – Godhra – Vadodara – Surat – Airoli (750 Kms)
Road Conditions: Udaipur to Vadodara is absolutely perfect 6 to 4 lane roads and one can quickly cover the distance due to less traffic.
Bharuch to Surat had too much traffic, those 100 kms was difficult to ride on. Rest NH8 is awesome as always.

The feeling of accomplishing a long ride and go back to Mundane life, whether to be happy or sad, We have’nt figured this Last day ride thing, but none the less to ride more and to see new places every year we need to work and work hard, and with this weird feeling we started our journey, you all might have seen the speed at which I had documented this rides proceedings and to complete the last day I have taken so much of time, better late than never.

Had a wonderful Kanda Pohe on roadside Shop around 7.30 am, yes we started little late than planned, refuelled the bikes and started our home run, we were doing good speeds and weather was also nice and clear, not too cold nor foggy and just after Modasa we had to take left turn towards Godhra, but Kiran was so busy having a blast on NH8, she did not turned left and kept going straight so I had to catch her and had to yelled at her in actions and she was laughing inside her helmet, she often does this (again Bluetooth comm missed), but this is fun

After rerouting we headed towards Godhra, this particular stretch has the least traffic and you can cover the distance as quickly as possible but for the 1st time we were greeted by cows and buffalos. Basically its never a mistake of those innocent lives its the owner who forces their animals to cross roads on those busy highways. I saw the animals well in advance and slowly crossed through them; dont know why I thought to wait for kiran until she crosses through the buffaloes suddenly I heard the sound of thud & BOOM <This is what soul mates is all about, I just sensed that something could go wrong here>. I parked my bike and quickly ran for her rescue she was fine but innocent Saffy was lying down, I lifted her and left from the spot immediately. After some 1 kms we stopped for discussing about what went wrong and then the story was like Kiran saw the cows crossing roads so she applied brakes and she did slow down so that all the cows could move ahead however after seeing all cows gone when she accelerated again one baby cow who was the last to cross the roads ran and bumped into Saffy. Kiran was just on 10 kmph speed so nothing big but the side guard was disoriented completely which we removed and kept it in saddle bags for future operation.

Last day of the ride is always tricky, but small ups and downs are fine, we rode and we rode really fast enough to reach surat by 1400 ish and was confused that whether to have lunch or skip it, but we chose to eat (So bhukkad we are) , but the restaurants service was too good, withing 30 mins we were back on the road and the traffic between Surat and Bharuch gave us hard time to ride fast, but it kept us awake after heavy lunch and Lassi :P, yes sometimes traffic is good, unless you are in Sakinaka/Marol (Mumbais one of the worst trafficked area) pre metro trains era , as mentioned earlier we did not took much photos enroute, but we had some hot and spicy “Undhiyo” on the NH8 near Bharuch around 1600 ish time, yes we already had a heavy lunch but I never had this particular Gujrati snack in my life so I had to wait for it and Kiran was so irritated (Kitna khata yeh aadmi Angry).

Undhiyu is a Gujarati mixed vegetable dish that is a regional specialty of Gujarat, India. The name of this dish comes from the Gujarati words “matlu” meaning earthen pot and “undhu” meaning upside down since they have been traditionally cooked upside down underground in earthen pots fired from above.

The dish is a seasonal one, comprising the vegetables that are available on the South Gujarat coastline during the winter season, including (amongst others) green beans or new peas (typically used along with the tender pod), unripe banana, small eggplants, muthia (dumplings/fritters made with fenugreek leaves and spiced chickpea flour, and either steamed or fried), potatoes, and purple yam, and sometimes plantain. These are spiced with a dry curry paste that typically includes-cilantro leaves, ginger, garlic, green chilli pepper, sugar and sometimes includes freshly grated coconut.[1] The mixture is slow cooked for a long time, with some vegetable oil and a very small amount of water sufficient to steam the root vegetables.
That hot and spicy Undhiyo made us warm enough for rest of the colder ride through NH8, by 6.30 we were somewhere near vapi and hot weather started getting colder and brighter skies started getting darker but we kept riding and took halt somewhere before Vapi when there is some weird lights around, you are not sure whether to switch on headlight or not, everyone call it Dusk, as per me one should drive/Ride slow in this light as the visibility is low and headlights illumination also doesnt help much either, after having awesome tea we decided to restart our ride but destiny had different plans L Saffys all lights gone horn was not working, and I knew the culprit, that Tube fuse has gone kaput one more time, We quickly changed the fuse and resumed riding.
Slow and steady we munched miles but we were dead tired and then we were stuck in traffic, and the smile came on my face realizing that we were near Fountain hotel, near to Ghodbunder road which is very much near to our place and we decided to celebrate our ride completion, and what better way to celebrate than eating at one of our favorite restaurant, BBC(Borivali Biryani centre) Ghodbunder road, had Paya soup, my favourite mutton biryani and finished it with Hot sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream(We hardly have three heavy meals a day but when we do it we do it in three different states :P).
The feeling was very mixed at this particular moment, our ride was about to get over and from the very next day onwards we have to resume the office and we will resume the office to earn more money so that we can plan our next ride and some more till we can lift ourselves and the fallen bike.

“Why do we fall” So we can learn to pick ourselves up (Kiran this is for you ) on this note I take everyones permission to officially complete this travelogue but this is just the start,Thank you everyone for liking our ride and adventure

Keep riding! Be safe! And Keep WROOMing!!

Fuse installation in progress
Tired We
Couldn’t click Paya soup and biryani’s photo, but here it is the HOT SIZZLING BROWNIE
Kiran Taking Quick Nap
“Undhiyo” And this is how it looks(Sorry for phone clicks)
Total tripmeter