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Review – FlyRacing Revolt Helmet – One of the Silent Helmet

Let us start the very first review on this website about riding gears & what better way to get started than Biker’s  Crown.

Below is the quick review of the helmet, and if you are into detailed review scroll down after quick review:

What’s good About FlyRacing Revolt Helmet ?

  1. Helmet with DOT/Snell rating Helmet (Snell is the daddy of all the safety standards)
  2. One of the most Silent Helmet We have ever used.
  3. Comes with Extra Black Smoke visor in the Box
  4. Very clear face shield with anti-fog coating (No need to buy separate Pin lock insert)
  5. Comes with Visor lock which will remain closed in all conditions(Boon For Track riders)

What’s Not so good About FlyRacing Revolt Helmet ?

  1. Slight wind noise after 140 kmph
  2. Opening / closing visor takes time, but once you get used to it is the best.

Review In detail:

Now let’s go in some more details and how Flyracing Revolt helmet is treating us for past few months, so Me and Kiran both of us are using The FlyRacing Revolt Helmet (Codex and FS Liberator models respectively) and we have used this helmet extensively in the past 6 months, we even rode to Kashmir with FlyRacing Helmet and Boots.

Just like everyone else we also started our riding career with Half face Studds/ Vega helmets then Full face helmets from the same Studds/Vega, then someone suggested and told good about DOT/ECE standards and we eventually bought MT Helmets which are still Bang for the Buck, but they are not so silent and some models even feels flimsy, and we being long distance tourers wanted something Solid and super safe because as we always say “Safety is Expensive, But it is PRICELESS”.

Coming Back to the agenda Flyracing Revolt helmet is one of the few helmets which has D.O.T. as well as SNELL Rating and having a SNELL Rating on the Helmet gives you that Extra wing while riding On/Off the Race track.

However we haven’t tried this helmet on Racetrack but we rode through some of the fastest roads of india with utmost care and did some crazy Speeds.

This helmet has one of the Silent Shells and does not make a noise like MT Atom or SMK Glide modular helmets.

Padding of the helmets are not to soft but they are just at the finer level though we would have loved little more soft velvet kind of feeling and yes they are definitely removeable and washable, you don’t have to put the entire helmet in washing machine 😀 (Sorry for lame joke)

Helmet Comes with Double -D ring fasteners to keep you safe in weirdest crash.

After seeing pinlock in almost every helmet brand FlyRacing surprised us with antifog coating which actually works and we were able to test it successfully in Gulmarg, Pahalgam and while hoing towards ARU valley which was a failed attempt due to ice on the Road.

You also get extra Black smoke visor along with the clear visor for those sunny days and it has also antifog coating and both the Visors are scratch resistant, but make sure you clean and wipe it with either microfibre or Paper napkins, or you can always use Motul’s or Putoline’s Helmet/Visor Cleaners.

There are very few things which could have been better:

Paddings could have been little more spongy and soft.

Opening & Closing of the visor is slightly tricky initially but once you get used to it you won’t find it that difficult.

We felt slight buzz for

We are not going to jot down all the specification in this review since they already available on product page, we just wanted to highlight all the necessary points in this review.

You can buy FlyRacing Helmets  from following link –


Thanks & Regards,

Kiran & Sachin

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